Dear Neighbor, Welcome To Kamara!

With your new office, our wish is for you to accomplish efficient jobs. Below, we are sharing the necessary information so you can get the most out of Kamara’s services.

girişimcilikte başarıyı getiren faktörler
girişimcilikte başarıyı getiren faktörler

Working Hours

While our Serviced Office customers can use their own offices 24/7, our Virtual Office customers can only use offices and meeting rooms between 9 am and 6 pm on weekdays and 10 am to 1:30 pm on Saturdays. Our Virtual Office customers wishing to use the meeting rooms and offices out of hours can contact us at:

Office and Meeting Room Usage

Our Serviced Office clients have ready-to-use offices that they can redecorate as they like. By reserving them in advance, both Serviced and Virtual Office clients can use shared offices and meeting rooms in any of Kamara’s facilities with a discount

In our Virtual Office Packages, there is free usage. After using our offices for a while, you can continue to use them for a discounted fee.

You can find our Virtual Office packages’ content and prices in the link below. Virtual Office Prices | KAMARA

Meeting Room and Daily Office prices are in the link below.

Meeting Room Prices | KAMARA

For reservations, you can send an email to or can call us at 0 (850) 532 20 09. Don’t forget to meet your neighbours and expand your business network while using your office.

About Guests and Customers Visiting You in Your Office

We will gladly accept any visitors and clients you invite to your office. The person who comes to your office can be your client or an authority from an institution… If your visitor comes unexpectedly, our friend in reception becomes your teammate by reaching your information with the CRM software we use. We show hospitality to your visitors and call you upon your guidance, we make them our guests, let them wait in the public areas in our facilities, take them to meeting rooms, guide them to your office or tell them that you are not at the office and ensure you will meet. If you are out of town or not at your office, we still keep giving reception services while you are gone.

Transportation to Offices

You can use all of Kamara Office’s facilities which are at central locations and main transportation routes. All buildings are within walking distance to metro, marmaray and metrobus stations. For your client to reach Kamara, all they need to do is Google “Kamara Istiklal“, “Kamara Bostancı“ etc. All of our facilities are marked on Google maps so they can find the exact location.

Internet and Cafe Space Usage

In Kamara Offices, the internet is free of charge. Our wireless network works with sms verification as required by law. So you can get your password with sms for free.

In our cafe spaces, all drinks are free and unlimited. If you want it delivered to your office or meeting room, letting the secretary know is all you need to do, which is 3 TL per product. If you want to print something out, you can use the printer by the secretary for 0.50TL.

Secretary Services

Our friends receive the cargo for you or your company and notify you by email immediately; then, you can get your cargo from the secretary. By replying to the emails, you can just ask that a document in your cargo, for example, be scanned and sent to you, or you can request that it be sent by cargo again to the address you specify.

The calls to your company get answered with your company’s name, and they get transferred to you. Regardless of whether the call gets transferred or not, the caller’s information is sent to you by email.

For all the questions regarding cargo or calls, you can send an email to:

Topics Regarding Accounting

In Kamara, you get an invoice in return for a payment. Since Kamara (the landholder) is a company, it bills you and you don’t pay a withholding tax. Kamara is an e-invoice taxpayer and it emails you your e-archive invoice. So, you can process your bills without having to wait for a hard copy of the bill. To send your invoice information or anything about accounting, you can send an email to:

In Kamara, invoices get sent in the first week of every month and the payments are done in the first week of every month too. You can check our payment page for the account numbers and you can pay interest-free with a credit card.

Payment | KAMARA

Making a lump sum payment comes with discount advantages. You can benefit from this opportunity whenever you are ready.


In Kamara offices, our cleaning personnel cleans the facilities every day and they do a detailed cleaning once every week. Our buildings are air-conditioned as well. You can send an email to if you have any requests about this matter.

Suggestions and Complaints

In Kamara, our biggest inspectors are our customers. Therefore, your suggestions and feedback are very important to us. Let’s improve our surroundings together. If you have any suggestions or complaints we kindly request you to send an email to that way we can follow your complaint process.