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Meeting Room Advantages

Rent the Most Suitable Meeting Room for You and Your Team with Kamara’s Meeting Rooms and Increase Your Efficiency!

Your guests will be welcomed and guided

Unlimited and Complimentary Self-Service water, Tea, Coffee

Resting lounges for you to relax when you take a break from meetings

Modern Technical Equipment

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What Did They Say About Us?

You can review the comments from our 5,000+ customers who prefer us.
Gamze Farossi
A business that provides quality service with a professional and friendly team. I would like to thank Nilay Hanım in particular for her assistance. 🌸😊
Irem Durmuşoğlu
My company's office is in Kamara. It truly provides a very technological, fast, clean, and comfortable working environment. Both the office spaces and the meeting rooms are fantastic!
Hakki kubilay Oral
This business, which provides office services, offers very nice amenities. It's a great choice.
İlhan Olkun
I used to be at the Taksim office before, and I moved to Şişli. The place in Taksim was nice and elegant, and the staff were attentive and friendly. The offices are cleaned every day, there's a small café, and they even have a terrace. I would definitely recommend it for business purposes.
Mustafa Yiğit
I've been using Kamara's "virtual office" services since 9 months and with each passing month they've been super helpful for our business needs, thanks Kamara 🙂
Ayhan Hazar
We are relatively new, but we are satisfied. With respect and greetings...
Adem Ayhan Yildiz
Very nice and clean offices... The friendly atmosphere is a bonus 🙂
Sinem Yavuz
I am very satisfied, and I believe the Kamara team has brought good luck. The employees are friendly, and I especially thank Nilay Hanım.
Ali Karasu
I spoke with Esra Hanım, a very polite and understanding lady. She attentively listened to our request and showed a solution-oriented approach by offering different alternatives. The overall environment was clean and organized. I was generally satisfied with the visit.

Kamara is Here for Meeting Rooms Suitable for You and Productive, Fun Meetings!

Whether your meeting is for 2 or 45 people, Kamara has options for you in decent locations.

With a meeting room price starting from 20TL, work on İstiklal Caddesi, have your meeting in Altunizade drink your coffee in Bostancı! You are also welcome to  Altıntepe, Kadıköy, Levent, and Şişli branches.

If you need a meeting room, KAMARA is here!

With its modern equipment and perfect hosting, Kamara Serviced Office is also with you in meetings. Our meeting rooms have different sizes and usage hours. When you want to use a meeting room, fill out the meeting room offer form.

We will inform you about the meeting room rental of our branch where you want to hold a meeting. In addition, our facility managers will give detailed information about meeting room sizes, capacities, and usage hours.

Secure your address as the tenant of the owner, not the tenant of the tenant. Since 2010, we have supported thousands of meeting room needs. We have ensured that you have productive and fun meetings with the most suitable meeting room suggestions.

Our meeting rooms with a quota of 6 to 45 people are designed according to your technological needs, TV, air conditioning, and projector for presentation. Your guests are welcomed at the entrance and directed to the relevant meeting room.

You can drink tea and coffee as you wish. Write us your special requests and questions about the meeting room, and we will take care of it immediately!

Frequently Asked Questions about Meeting Room

You can find the questions you wonder about here. If you have different questions you are curious about, you can contact us.

Are there projectors and LCD screens in the rooms?

Yes, there is an LCD screen or projector in accordance with the physical conditions of the room.

Can we use it outside working hours?

You can use it by organizing it in advance with an additional charge.

Can we rent by the hour or do we have to rent daily?

You can rent as much as you wish hourly or daily.

What are the services included in the rental fee?

Internet, self-service tea, coffee, drinking water, whiteboard, and projector/Lcd screen usage.

I have some questions, how can I contact you?

You can reach us at 0850 532 20 09 between 09.30 – 18.30 between Monday – Saturday, or you can find answers to your questions by sending an e-mail to

Can we bring some food to serve?

You can bring tea-time treats.

Superior Comfort and Technology: Kamara Meeting Spaces


Kamara Meeting Spaces offer private spaces equipped with superior comfort and state-of-the-art technology to meet the needs of the business world. Modern design and ergonomic furniture provide participants with a comfortable meeting experience, while the latest technology equipment offers the necessary tools for effective communication and collaboration. Kamara’s meeting spaces help you conduct your business meetings more efficiently and impressively.

Effective Meetings in Prestigious Environments

Kamara’s prestigious meeting spaces allow you to make a strong impression in the business world. Meetings held in carefully designed and luxuriously equipped environments convey a sense of professionalism and prestige to participants. Meetings held in these environments strengthen your business relationships and provide opportunities for effective communication and strategic planning.

What is a Rental Meeting Room and Rental Meeting Hall?

A rental meeting room and meeting hall are private spaces that businesses or individuals can lease for a specified period based on their needs. These spaces are used for events such as business meetings, presentations, seminars, or collaborative projects. Rental meeting rooms offer options with sizes and features that match your requirements, providing flexibility for organizing professional events.

Meeting Room Rental in Istanbul

Istanbul serves as a central hub for the business world, where meetings frequently take place. This is where the service of meeting room rental in Istanbul becomes highly significant. Kamara offers excellent solutions for business travelers or local businesses with centrally located meeting spaces in different areas of Istanbul.

Meeting Room Prices

Meeting room prices vary depending on factors such as room size, location, technological equipment, and services provided. Kamara offers options that fit various budgets, providing meeting solutions tailored to the needs and budgets of businesses. For more information about pricing details, you can get in touch with the Kamara team.

What Are Meeting Rooms Used For?

Meeting rooms can serve various purposes. They are suitable for different types of events such as business meetings, presentations, training seminars, client meetings, and collaborative projects. Meetings conducted in a professional environment provide a suitable platform for participants to focus and establish effective communication. Kamara’s flexible meeting spaces are versatile and functional, accommodating a variety of purposes to meet your business requirements.

Why Kamara for Meeting Room Services?

Kamara is a pioneering organization that offers a unique and impressive experience in meeting room services. With specially designed meeting spaces and privileged services tailored to the needs of the business world, Kamara provides many reasons why it should be your preferred choice.

  • Superior Comfort and Aesthetics
  • Technology-Focused Equipment
  • Flexible and Diverse Options
  • Central Locations
  • Customized Solutions for Your Needs

Where are Kamara Offices?

For our valued customers, we offer 125 serviced-to-use offices in 8 different locations, 8 meeting rooms and 1400 neighbours.

Options for Your Needs

Serviced Office, Virtual Office and Meeting Room in Budgets Suitable for Every Initiative and Every Company in Kamara. You can see our starting prices.

Virtual Office

İstanbul Sanal Ofis Hizmetleri
  • Personalised business phone & fax
  • Personal secretary
  • Cargo pick-up and immediate notification
  • Daily office or meeting room rental
  • Company IVR announcement and voicemail
  • Prestigious contact address

Serviced Office

İstanbul Hazır Ofis Hizmetleri
  • Complimentary use of meeting rooms
  • Detached, fully furnished, specially decorated office
  • Wireless high speed internet
  • Daily and weekly cleaning
  • Complimentary Self Service Tea & Coffee
  • Fax and printer usage

Meeting Rooms

İstanbul'da Toplantı Odası, Salonu Hizmetleri
  • Special treats
  • Wireless high speed internet
  • Projector / Whiteboard / Flipchart
  • Daily and weekly cleaning
  • Complimentary Self Service Tea & Coffee
  • Hourly or daily rental


İstanbul'da Coworking - Ortak Ofis
  • Use of tables in quiet public areas
  • Reception to welcome customers and visitors
  • Wireless high speed internet
  • Daily and weekly cleaning
  • Complimentary Self Service Tea & Coffee
  • Fax and printer usage

Who Prefers Us

From International Companies to New Start-ups; Everyone is Here.