Meeting Room Rental Prices

  • Fully equipped meeting rooms, video conferencing and boardrooms
  • Formal Board Room Style Seating Capacity ( 4 – 100 pax )
  • Casual Meeting Type Seating with comfortable couches
  • Includes coffee & tea service / cookies if requested
  • Flip Chart, Smart Board, LCD Monitor / TV
  • Local Telephone Line
  • Wireless Internet Access
  • Smoking Area ( Open Air )
  • Catering as per need basis will be invoiced ( Fast Food / Pizza / Sandwiches )


Meeting RoomHourly Rental FeesHourly Rental Fees for KAMARA Serviced and Virtual Office CustomersDaily Rental fees
Altıntepe Saloon Kınalı
( 8 Pax )
200 TL100 TL550 TL Work hours
Altunizade Saloon Tarihi Altunizade
(8 Pax)
50 TL40 TL250 TL Work hours
350 TL Weekends
Beyoğlu Saloon Piri Reis
( 8 Pax )
50 TL35 TL250 TL Work hours
350 TL Weekends
Bostancı Saloon Heybeli
( 20 Pax )
100 TL50 TL350 TL Work hours
450 TL Weekends
Bostancı Saloon Burgaz
(8 Pax )
40 TL20 TL130 TL Work hours
230 TL Weekends
Kadıköy Saloon Nabizade
(8 Pax)
50 TL40 TL250 TL Work hours
350 TL Weekends
Levent Dome Saloon Fark Yaratanlar
(8 Pax)
50 TL40 TL250 TL Work hours
350 TL Weekends
Şişli Merkez Saloon Efes
( 9 Pax )
60 TL40 TL200 TL Work hours
300 TL Weekends
Şişli Merkez Saloon Nemrut
(4 Pax )
40 TL 20 TL130 TL Work hours
230 TL Weekends
Şişli Merkez Saloon Dupnisa
(30 Pax )
150 TL 100 TL 500 TL Work hours
600 TL Weekends

Daily Offices

Daily Rental Fees

Daily Rental Fees For Kamara Customers

Shared offices50 TL30 TL
1 pax office rooms100 TL65 TL
2 pax office rooms125 TL95 TL
3 and more pax office rooms175 TL120 TL

If you rent the salloons after the working hours, we will add the accompaniment fee and it will be minimum 3 hours. +15 TL is added to the hourly rate.
Working Hours : Only Monday to Friday ( 09:00 – 18:00 ) and Taxes included our prices. Official holidays are excluded.* Prices, is startup prices. Prices will be depends to room sizes.

The equipment of the meeting rooms varies. Our recommendation is contact via Facility Manager. Our staff will be welcomes you and your guests on the door, presents to you our caters and also forward to you meeting rooms. For the catering prices and reservation information just contact with us.