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With Kamara Virtual Office, be the tenant of the owner, not the tenant of the tenant. Kamara Virtual Office ensures that your address is solid. Since 2010, we have supported thousands of virtual office establishments with our self-owned buildings.

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Virtual Office Advantages

Rent Kamara Virtual Office, Get Rid of Office Set Up Costs!

You can show it as the legal address of your business

Professional secretariat

Receiving mail and cargo

You do not pay stoppage tax

Access to meeting rooms

Office equipment such as fax, photocopier

Answering machine after office hours

IVR announcement, pre-announcement on your phones.

Virtual Office Photo Gallery

You can review comments from our happy customers on Google Maps.


What did they say about us on Google?

You can review comments from our happy customers on Google Maps.

Gamze Farossi
Gamze Farossi
21. Mart, 2022.
Profesyonel ve guler yuzlu ekibiyle kaliteli hizmet veren bir isletme. Ozellikle Nilay Hanim'a yardimlari icin cok tesekkur ederim. 🌸😊
İlhan Olkun
İlhan Olkun
19. Mart, 2022.
Daha önce taksim ofisindeydim şişliye taşındım taksimdeki yer de burasında gayet güzel ve nezih bir ortam personelleri ilgili Güler yüzlü ofisler her gün temizleniyor ufak bir kafesi var terası da mevcut kesinlikle iş için tavsiye ederim.
Adem Ayhan Yildiz
Adem Ayhan Yildiz
18. Mart, 2022.
Gayet güzel ve temiz ofisler... Dost ortamı da cabası:)
Irem Durmuşoğlu
Irem Durmuşoğlu
18. Mart, 2022.
Çalıştığım şirket ofisi Kamara'da. Gerçekten çok teknolojik, hızlı, temiz ve rahat bir çalışma ortamı sağlıyor. Ofis kısımları da toplantı odaları da muhteşemmm
Mustafa Yiğit
Mustafa Yiğit
18. Mart, 2022.
I've been using Kamara's "virtual office" services since 9 months and with each passing month they've been super helpful for our business needs, thanks Kamara 🙂
18. Mart, 2022.
Çok memnunum, Kamara ailesinin uğurlu geldiğine inanıyorum.Çalışanlar güler yüzlü , özellikle Nilay hanıma çok teşekkür ediyorum.
Hakki kubilay Oral
Hakki kubilay Oral
17. Mart, 2022.
Ofis olarak hizmet veren bu işletme gayet güzel imkanlar sağlamakta tercihiniz burası olsun
Ayhan Hazar
Ayhan Hazar
7. Şubat, 2022.
Daha yeniyiz ama memnunuz. Saygı & Selamlarımla..

With Kamara Virtual Office, be the tenant of the owner, not the tenant of the tenant. Kamara Virtual Office ensures that your address is solid. Since 2010, we have supported thousands of virtual office establishments with our self-owned buildings. We are in cooperation with all tax offices, we accelerate the establishment of your virtual office and support you in establishing a company!

When you rent a virtual office, we meet your cargo and direct you to the issues related to the secretary service!

If you do not need a physical office to conduct your business, Kamara Virtual Office allows you to work without coming to the office and helps you to show your company address in one of the 8 prestigious districts of Istanbul.

With Virtual Office, you can participate in networking events organised by Kamara and expand your business network.

Virtual Office plays an efficient role in the growth of your company with prestige, freedom, quality operational support, central location, easy accessibility and low cost!


What is Virtual Office?

Virtual office is a service that allows you to work from anywhere, mostly preferred by our freelance customers, which includes features such as showing our office as an address, our secretary answering your phone with the name of your company, transferring it to you if you are available, and sending you, your customer’s note by e-mail if you are not available.

With our virtual office service, you can work from anywhere without compromising your company image.

If you want to establish a company without renting an office, renting a Virtual Office is for you! Moreover, if needed, you can also benefit from meeting rooms within the Kamara Virtual Office service.

Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Office

Frequently Asked Questions about Virtual Office

You can find the questions you are curious about the virtual office. If you have different questions you are interested in, you can contact us.

Is it possible to forward our existing telephone number to your system with Virtual Office?

If you wish, you can transfer your existing number to the telecom company we work with, so that your calls fall directly to us and we will answer them. Normally we allocate numbers to each company, you can also forward to the new number we provide. If you wish, you can buy your phone number when you do not want to receive service from us.

Do I have an office that I can use every day in the virtual office?

You do not have an office of your own, but you can use the offices in all our locations by renting by the hour or day when you need it. In this way, you pay only for the days you need and save money.

Are there any problems with the tax audit for the virtual office?

Our companies working virtually within our organisation have not had any problems with tax audits so far. Since there are buildings belonging to our organisation, there are no problems in terms of tax or polling. During the audit, it is sufficient for the company partners or a person with a proxy to be present in the building. The audit, in other words, the opening inspection, usually takes place within two working days after your accountant applies to the tax office.

Is the concept of virtual office legal?

It is a legal and recognised system. There are also law offices we serve. Throughout the process, our facility managers provide support until the roll call is completed.

I have some questions, how can I contact you?

You can reach us at 0850 532 20 09 between 09.30 – 18.30 between Monday – Saturday, or you can find answers to your questions by sending an e-mail to

Can I set up an Association, Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company or Sole Proprietorship with Virtual Office?

You can set up your association within Altıntepe virtual office. It is an application accepted by the Chamber of Associations. You can also establish your limited, joint stock or private company in our buildings as a virtual office. If your financial advisor has any hesitation on these issues, you can ask them to call us.

I rented a virtual office, what happens when an unannounced visitor comes?

Even if you have a detached office of your own, you do not have to be in your office at all times. If you have an unannounced guest, we will call you immediately and inform you. If you are available and will come, we will host your guest in the meeting room until you arrive. If you can not come, we indicate that you are out of the office. We offer something to drink to your visitor and then send him/her on his/her way.

How long is the Virtual Office contract period? What happens in the case of premature termination?

Exclusively for Kamara, there are no long-term contracts and no financial obligations. You can continue your activities flexibly. With 1 month notice, you can terminate your contract at any time.

Can I work at any location I want and meet with my customers?

You can work in all buildings and host your customers. It is enough to reserve your office or meeting room in advance. Your office and meeting room are always ready.

I don't want my tax office to change. What should I do?

Whichever tax office our facilities are connected to will be your new tax office. Your tax number will not change. Even if you move to a different apartment in the same building, you must apply for a change of address. When the tax office changes, there are no extra difficulties in the procedure. You only need to have 1 more document notarised. In summary; the only difference between changing your tax office and not changing will be an expense of approximately 70 liras. If you wish, you can consult our financial advisor free of charge on this issue.

Starting Prices

Ready Office, Virtual Office and Meeting Room in Budgets Suitable for Every Initiative and Every Company in Kamara. You can see our starting prices.

Virtual Office


250 ₺ / month

  • Personalised business phone & fax
  • Personal secretary
  • Cargo pick-up and immediate notification
  • Daily office or meeting room rental
  • Company IVR announcement and voicemail
  • Prestigious contact address

Serviced Office


1600 ₺ / month

  • Complimentary use of meeting rooms
  • Detached, fully furnished, specially decorated office
  • Wireless high speed internet
  • Daily and weekly cleaning
  • Complimentary Self Service Tea & Coffee
  • Fax and printer usage

Meeting Room


40 ₺ / hour

  • Special treats
  • Wireless high speed internet
  • Projector / Whiteboard / Flipchart
  • Daily and weekly cleaning
  • Complimentary Self Service Tea & Coffee
  • Hourly or daily rental



400 ₺ / month

  • Use of tables in quiet public areas
  • Reception to welcome customers and visitors
  • Wireless high speed internet
  • Daily and weekly cleaning
  • Complimentary Self Service Tea & Coffee
  • Fax and printer usage

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