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With Kamara Serviced Office Rental, be the tenant of the owner, not the tenant of the tenant. Kamara Virtual Office ensures that your address is solid. Since 2010, we have supported thousands of virtual office establishments with our self-owned buildings.

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Serviced Office Advantages

Rent Kamara Ready Office, Focus on Your Business Immediately Without Losing Time with Office Setup!

Stylish fully furnished office

Professional secretariat

Fast internet connection

Use of kitchen, free tea and coffee

24 hour closed circuit camera system and alarm system

Office equipment such as fax, photocopier

Daily office check, weekly detailed cleaning

All your expenses such as electricity, water, natural gas, air conditioning

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What Did They Say About Us?

You can review the comments from our 5,000+ customers who prefer us.
Gamze Farossi
A business that provides quality service with a professional and friendly team. I would like to thank Nilay Hanım in particular for her assistance. 🌸😊
Irem Durmuşoğlu
My company's office is in Kamara. It truly provides a very technological, fast, clean, and comfortable working environment. Both the office spaces and the meeting rooms are fantastic!
Hakki kubilay Oral
This business, which provides office services, offers very nice amenities. It's a great choice.
İlhan Olkun
I used to be at the Taksim office before, and I moved to Şişli. The place in Taksim was nice and elegant, and the staff were attentive and friendly. The offices are cleaned every day, there's a small café, and they even have a terrace. I would definitely recommend it for business purposes.
Mustafa Yiğit
I've been using Kamara's "virtual office" services since 9 months and with each passing month they've been super helpful for our business needs, thanks Kamara 🙂
Ayhan Hazar
We are relatively new, but we are satisfied. With respect and greetings...
Adem Ayhan Yildiz
Very nice and clean offices... The friendly atmosphere is a bonus 🙂
Sinem Yavuz
I am very satisfied, and I believe the Kamara team has brought good luck. The employees are friendly, and I especially thank Nilay Hanım.
Ali Karasu
I spoke with Esra Hanım, a very polite and understanding lady. She attentively listened to our request and showed a solution-oriented approach by offering different alternatives. The overall environment was clean and organized. I was generally satisfied with the visit.

What is a Serviced Office?

Serviced Office Rental includes every service, such as coffee, photocopy, fax, address, secretary, cargo pick-up, and so on, to run your office business from an office.

In the ready office service, it is enough to bring your computer to start working.

Kamara Serviced Office Rental provides much more than you need with its prestigious locations and sea-view serviced offices!

With Kamara Serviced Office Rental, be the tenant of the owner, not the tenant of the tenant. Since 2010, our self-owned buildings have supported thousands of serviced office establishments.

We are in cooperation with all tax offices. We serve as a Serviced Office where you can safely show your address.

We benefit everyone, from new entrepreneurs to corporate companies, with our serviced office for-rent solutions. You can rent your serviced office immediately with a daily serviced office, monthly serviced office, or annual agreement.

Sanal Ofis Nedir

With a serviced office, you can come to your serviced office in the most prestigious locations of Istanbul and start working immediately without thinking about costs such as decoration, infrastructure, internet, and withholding tax. Thanks to Kamara Serviced Office, you can establish your company in Istanbul at very low prices.

If you do not need an office to use every day, it is worth looking at our virtual office or meeting room services.

Work at İstiklal Caddesi,  have a meeting at Altunizade, and drink coffee at Bostancı! You are also welcome to our Altıntepe, Kadıköy, Levent, Şişli,  and Ümraniye branches.

“Step into Your Dream Workspace: Kamara Serviced Office”


In today’s rapidly changing business environment and increasing competition, businesses are driven to seek more flexible and efficient ways of working. At this point, serviced offices offer an ideal solution for those who want to adapt to the dynamics of modern business life. As Kamara Serviced Office, we provide flexible office solutions tailored to the needs of businesses and take pride in offering a prestigious working environment by understanding the requirements of the business world.

What is a Serviced Office?

A serviced office is a concept that responds quickly and effectively to the workspace needs of businesses. Unlike traditional office leasing, serviced offices are fully furnished and specially designed spaces for businesses. From furniture to technology infrastructure, from cleaning to security, every detail has been pre-planned to allow businesses to focus solely on their work.

Why Choose a Serviced Office?

In today’s fast-paced business world, fast and flexible solutions are critical for businesses. Serviced offices offer advantages such as saving time, reducing operational burdens, and having a prestigious business address. By avoiding the long processes, bureaucratic procedures, and high costs associated with setting up traditional offices, businesses can operate more efficiently.

What Are the Advantages of Renting a Serviced Office?

Kamara Serviced Office stands out with the advantages offered to businesses:

  • Flexibility: We provide office spaces that meet your needs, even if the size of your business changes. When your needs increase or decrease, you can easily make changes to your office.
  • Cost Savings: We eliminate the high investment costs associated with traditional office setups. With our services included in the rent, we minimize operational costs.
  • Prestigious Address: Experience the privilege of doing business at Kamara’s prestigious location. Feel the difference of having an impressive business address for your customers and business partners.
  • Technological Infrastructure: We provide the necessary technological infrastructure for your business. You can focus on your work without dealing with details like fast internet and phone services.

What Are the Privileges of Being at Kamara?

At Kamara Serviced Office, we make your business life easier with the privileges we offer to businesses:

  • Flexible Workspaces: We offer different space options, from single-person offices to larger team offices. You can choose a workspace that suits the needs of your business.
  • Meeting and Conference Spaces: You can make effective presentations in our modern meeting rooms and conduct your business meetings in a professional environment.
  • Social Spaces: In addition to your workspaces, you can make your workday more enjoyable with relaxation areas, kitchen facilities, and lounge areas.

Flexible Office Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

At Kamara Serviced Office, we offer flexible office solutions tailored to the different needs of businesses. From small businesses to large corporations, we are here to meet the unique requirements of every business with a wide range of solutions.

Get Rid of Office Setup Details

Traditional office setup processes can be time-consuming and complex. Kamara Serviced Office takes care of all the office setup details for you. We consider everything from furniture to technology, from cleaning to security, so you can focus solely on your work.

Just Focus on Your Work!

At Kamara Serviced Office, our aim is to make it easier for businesses to focus on their work. We’ve thought of all the details in our office. By increasing your productivity, we help you concentrate on your business goals.

How Is Serviced Office Pricing Done?

Our pricing at Kamara Office is determined based on the size, duration, and other additional services of the office space you choose. Thanks to our flexible pricing policy, you can find solutions that suit your needs.

Prestigious Location and Easy Access

Kamara Serviced Office is located in one of the most prestigious locations in Istanbul. In addition to being in a central location, we offer an ideal address for business trips and meetings with easy transportation options.

Serviced Office in the Istanbul Region

Istanbul stands out as Turkey’s business and trade center. With Kamara Office, you can enjoy working with Kamara privilege in the dynamic atmosphere of Istanbul, considering the importance of Istanbul in the business world.

What Is the Best Location for a Serviced Office?

As Kamara Serviced Office, our presence in one of the central locations of Istanbul allows us to offer one of the best locations for businesses. Easy access to both business and social opportunities contributes to your business’s growth and provides your employees with a comfortable working environment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Serviced Office

You can find the questions you are curious about here. Furthermore, if you have different questions you are interested in, you can contact us.

Do I have a private room just for me in a serviced office?

If you rent a serviced office in Kamara, you will have an office just for you. Your office is furnished and ready for you to work in. You can decorate it as you wish. It is not a shared office.

Between which hours are Serviced Offices used?

Serviced offices in Kamara can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use your office as much as you wish, unlimitedly.

How much is the rent of a serviced office?

Rental fees in serviced offices vary according to the size of the office. However, all services are included in the rent, so you will not be busy, and the cost is advantageous. Single-person offices start from 950 TL per month.

What is included in the rent in a Serviced Office?

Office Rent includes;


– Office furniture,

– Fibre internet

– All bills such as electricity, water, air conditioning

– New generation air conditioner

– 7 days /24 hours use

– Secretariat service; answering incoming calls to your company, receiving your cargo mail, reception service for your guests

– Regular cleaning and maintenance services,

– Advantage of not paying withholding tax,

– Free use of meeting rooms,

– All payment items, such as free hot drinks in our cafe areas, are included.

Is it possible to rent a serviced office for one month? How long is the contract period for serviced offices?

In Kamara, there are no commitments in contracts. Contract conditions are flexible. Therefore, you have a trial option. You can quickly realize what you have in mind. If you wish, you can rent for 1 month or even 1 day.

How many people can use Serviced Offices?

In Kamara, there are serviced offices from 1 person to 100 people.

How many square metres are Serviced Offices?

Single-person serviced offices starting from 7 m2, and the size of the offices can be up to 500 m2. Besides your office, you will have a vast area in practical terms with common areas, meeting rooms, cafe areas, reception, and waiting rooms.

Can a tax certificate be obtained in Serviced Offices?

You can set up your new company in your office and get your tax certificate or move the address of an existing company. Another advantage of Kamara is the advantage of not paying stoppage tax.

Can a municipality licence be obtained for Serviced Offices?

The Kamara buildings have validity from all public institutions and organizations and are configured in accordance with the standards. You can also obtain a municipal license.

Where are the Serviced Offices in Istanbul?

On the European Side; In the center of ŞİŞLİ, LEVENT Sanayi Mah. in the location very close to the metro, in the most beautiful part of the street on İSTİKLAL Street,

On the Anatolian Side; We have office buildings in central locations in BOSTANCI Beach, ALTUNİZADE, ÜMRANİYE, and KADIKÖY, very close to main arteries and public transport.

Where are Kamara Offices?

For our valued customers, we offer 125 serviced-to-use offices in 8 different locations, 8 meeting rooms and 1400 neighbours.

Options for Your Needs

Serviced Office, Virtual Office and Meeting Room in Budgets Suitable for Every Initiative and Every Company in Kamara. You can see our starting prices.

Virtual Office

İstanbul Sanal Ofis Hizmetleri
  • Personalised business phone & fax
  • Personal secretary
  • Cargo pick-up and immediate notification
  • Daily office or meeting room rental
  • Company IVR announcement and voicemail
  • Prestigious contact address

Serviced Office

İstanbul Hazır Ofis Hizmetleri
  • Complimentary use of meeting rooms
  • Detached, fully furnished, specially decorated office
  • Wireless high speed internet
  • Daily and weekly cleaning
  • Complimentary Self Service Tea & Coffee
  • Fax and printer usage

Meeting Rooms

İstanbul'da Toplantı Odası, Salonu Hizmetleri
  • Special treats
  • Wireless high speed internet
  • Projector / Whiteboard / Flipchart
  • Daily and weekly cleaning
  • Complimentary Self Service Tea & Coffee
  • Hourly or daily rental


İstanbul'da Coworking - Ortak Ofis
  • Use of tables in quiet public areas
  • Reception to welcome customers and visitors
  • Wireless high speed internet
  • Daily and weekly cleaning
  • Complimentary Self Service Tea & Coffee
  • Fax and printer usage

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