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Gamze Farossi
A business that provides quality service with a professional and friendly team. I would like to thank Nilay Hanım in particular for her assistance. 🌸😊
Irem Durmuşoğlu
The office of the company I work for is at Kamara. It truly provides a very technological, fast, clean, and comfortable working environment. Both the office spaces and the meeting rooms are fantastic!
Hakki kubilay Oral
This business, which provides office services, offers very nice amenities. It’s a great choice.
Tara Vanlı
We are very happy to have chosen Kamara offices. The team is very friendly, very hospitable, and collaborative. Special thanks to Serdar Bey and Aslı Hanım. Thank you for the follow-up. Regards
Erdem Sınır
Kerime Hanım greeted us with a smile at the reception, and then Dilek Hanım also took care of us with great attention and interest, answering all our questions. We were pleased.
İlhan Olkun
I used to be at the Taksim office before, and I moved to Şişli. The place in Taksim was nice and elegant, and the staff were attentive and friendly. The offices are cleaned every day, there’s a small café, and they even have a terrace. I would definitely recommend it for business purposes.
Mustafa Yiğit
I’ve been using Kamara’s “virtual office” services since 9 months and with each passing month they’ve been super helpful for our business needs, thanks Kamara 🙂
Ayhan Hazar
We are relatively new, but we are satisfied. With respect and greetings…
Derya Avcılar Gün
Sevilay Hanım took care of me. She was very attentive and friendly. She was very helpful. Thank you.
Miray Sertdemir
On behalf of Octovan Mobile Technology Inc., I would like to express that thanks to the warm, friendly, and energetic demeanor of Hüsnü Bey and Karin Hanım, the days we spend in the office are more enjoyable. I would also like to extend my thanks to Hüsnü Abi for maintaining the cleanliness and pleasant scents of the spaces we spend time in. We are very satisfied with everything 🙂 Problems and complaints are often voiced, but I believe that we should also appreciate the good things. Wishing you happy days. With love, Miray Sertdemir.
Adem Ayhan Yildiz
Very nice and clean offices… The friendly atmosphere is a bonus 🙂
Sinem Yavuz
I am very satisfied, and I believe the Kamara team has brought good luck. The employees are friendly, and I especially thank Nilay Hanım.
Ali Karasu
I spoke with Esra Hanım, a very polite and understanding lady. She attentively listened to our request and showed a solution-oriented approach by offering different alternatives. The overall environment was clean and organized. I was generally satisfied with the visit.
Burak Hergül
First and foremost, I would like to sincerely thank Aslı Hanım for her assistance throughout the process. I can definitely answer all your sample questions with a resounding ‘yes.’ Additionally, I have one suggestion, which is to open an additional ready office location on the European side. Just wanted to share this with you.