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Kamara | Şişli Hazır Ofis
Kamara | Şişli Hazır Ofis
Kamara | Şişli Hazır Ofis
Kamara | Şişli Hazır Ofis
Kamara | Şişli Hazır Ofis
Kamara | Şişli Hazır Ofis
Kamara | Şişli Hazır Ofis
Kamara | Şişli Hazır Ofis

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ahmad adnan neameh
ahmad adnan neameh
10:26 11 Nov 19
Good experience with them so far, friendly staff and place, flexibility, good advises, and speaking English well.... Recommend them for your next start up.read more
Pooya Abedi
Pooya Abedi
09:20 24 Sep 19
I just had a great experience with Kamara for a one day visit. I was welcomed with great hospitality. Comfortable... offices, cozy cafe, wonderfully helpful staff, definitely will go there again.read more
ihab hadaya
ihab hadaya
08:31 24 Jul 19
Amazing Call Center: 5 Stars Location: 5 Stars Building ( Designs & Clean ): 5 Stars Receptionist: 5 Stars Suphi... Bey: 5 Stars I Recommended To Each Person Starting up With His Business.read more
Burak Tuyan
Burak Tuyan
07:29 24 Jun 19
I've been using Kamara's "virtual office" services since 2016 and with each passing year they've been super helpful and... responsive to my changing and growing business needs. Thanks...read more
07:53 06 Dec 18
I've been renting an office here for more than 3 months, and I believe that kamara has the perfect place for one to run... a business, they take much care of everything, your office will always be clean and tidy by the cleaning services. Tea and coffee are always fresh and ready and free for you and your costumers. You can always chill out in the nicely decorated balcony/kitchen where there's a very welcoming lady who makes a homemade lunch and very tasteful cookies..It's very comfortable atmosphere to do your business and meet up with your costumers, and has really helpful staff. It doubtlessly is highly-recommendedread more
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What Is A Virtual Office?

The virtual office service is a service where organizations can legally register their addresses and conduct their operations at. It is suitable for civil society organizations, firms, representative offices and any other organization that does not need a physical permanent office. As part of this system, the clients can benefit form the following features:

  • As a legally accepted system, a virtual office will allow you to register your virtual office's address as your legal correspondence address, and conduct legal declarations and other legal processes with that address.
  • Through the independent phone number that is assigned to each virtual office user, users can benefit from the professional secretariat service of Kamara. With this service, their calls will be responded with the name of the organization, will be notified to the appointed liaison, and will be transferred to the specified phone number when necessary.
  • The flexibility that virtual office users need is supported by the absence of long-term binding contracts and financial liabilities.

Advantages of Şişli

Central location; at close proximity to Çağlayan Courthouse and Şişli Mosque

Hosts the highest number of serviced offices and meeting halls among Kamara’s facilities.

Its users can benefit from a real neighborhood life and perfect neighbor relations.

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Why Should You Choose?

  • Official address registry
  • Secretariat service and voice mail for calls received out of working hours
  • Taking delivery of posts and packages
  • Becoming part of a large business network

Quick Quote

Quick Quote

  • Official address registry

  • Professional secretariat

  • Taking delivery of posts and packages

  • Access to meeting halls

  • Voice mail service for calls received out of working hours

  • Office equipment such as fax and photocopy machines

  • IVR announcement; you can put welcoming announcements to the calls received.

  • You won't pay stoppage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Virtual Office? What Are Its Advantages? How Does It Work?

Can we forward our existing phone number to your system?

If you wish, you can transfer your phone number to the operator we work with, so that your calls will be forwarded to us and we will receive them. Our usual practice is to assign a phone number to every new user, so you can forward your existing phone number to the number we assign to you. If you do not want to use our service, you can purchase your phone number.

Will I have a permanent office space that I can use daily?

You will not have an independent office space. However, you can use all the office spaces at any of our facilities at an hourly or daily basis. This way, you will have the chance to pay only for the days you need an office space, and you will save a lot.

Will there be a problem in tax audits?

The firms that are using our virtual office service have not had an issue so far. As the buildings belong to us, there will not be a problem in terms of tax regulations or audits. It is sufficient to have one of the firm partners or a legal representative present during the audits. Tax audits or inspections usually take place within two days after your accountant register to the tax office.

Is 'virtual office' legal?

It is a legal and accepted system. There are law offices that we serve. Our facility managers will help you throughout the registry process.

I have some questions, how can I reach you?

You can call us from +90 850 532 2009 from Monday through Saturday between 09:30 - 18:30. You can also send an e-mail to info@kamara.com.tr for your questions.

Can I register associations, joint-stock companies, limited liability companies or sole proprietorships?

You can register your association with a virtual office. This is accepted by the provincial associations directorate. You can also register your joint-stock company, limited liability company and sole proprietorship with a virtual office. In case your financial advisor is unsure about this, they can call us and we will give the necessary details.

What Happens When An Unexpected Guest Shows Up?

Even if you have an independent office space, you don't need to be at your office all the time. If an unexpected visitor shows up, we will inform you by phone. If you are available and will come to meet with the visitor, we will host them at the meeting hall until you arrive. If you cannot come, we will let your visitor know that you are out of office, offer them some drinks, and will see them off.

What is the term of the contract? What is the procedure for early termination?

There are no long-term contracts or financial liabilities at Kamara. You can operate your business in a flexible way. You can terminate your contract anytime with a written notice one month prior to termination.

Can I work and meet with my clients at any facility that I want?

You can work or host your clients at any facility that you want. It is sufficient to book your office or meeting hall beforehand. Your office space and meeting hall is always ready.

I don't want to change my tax office. What should I do?

Your tax office should be the one governing the neighborhood of the facility that your office is in. Your tax number won't change. You need to follow this procedure even if you move to a different flat at the same building. There will be no troubles in changing the tax office. It is sufficient to get notarial approval for one more paper. In brief, the only difference that will occur will be an expense of approximately ₺70. If you wish, you can consult this issue with our financial advisors free of charge.

Affordable Pricing Options

Affordable Pricing Options For Everyone Are At Kamara!

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Modern Meeting Hall


  • Special catering
  • Complimentary self-service tea and coffee at our office spaces and cafeteria
  • Projector / White board / Flip chart*
  • Hourly or daily rentals

Co-working Space


  • Desk use in quiet common areas
  • Reception service for welcoming your clients and visitors
  • High-speed wireless internet access
  • Complimentary self-service tea and coffee at our office spaces and cafeteria
  • Use of fax machine and printer
  • Becoming part of the Kamara family with 1000+ members, monthly meetings for expanding your business network

Serviced Office Solutions


  • Meeting hall use free of charge*
  • Detached, fully-furnished, specially-decorated office space
  • High-speed wireless internet access
  • Use of fax machine and printer
  • Daily and weekly cleaning service
  • Complimentary self-service tea and coffee at our office spaces and cafeteria
  • Becoming part of the Kamara family with 1000+ members, monthly meetings for expanding your business network

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