Data protection notification
kamara.com.tr is pleased with your visit to our website and thanks for your interest. We take the protection of your personal information seriously and we want you to feel safe when visiting our website.

We would like to inform you about our data protection notice, the information collected by kamara.com.tr during your visit to our site and how this information is used.

Data collecting
The following general information is automatically collected (not through registration) when you visit kamara.com.tr web page and this is not used as personal information. Web servers store this information themselves:

Advertising cookies can be added to your computer while browsing on kamara.com.tr, so you can identify which products you are interested in. Then it can be used to show you ads related to our company.
This technique does not obtain or use your personal information (name, phone, email) in any way. If you are uncomfortable with this situation, you can visit the AdRoll site to exit.

Your internet service provider name, the web page you visit us, the other web pages you visit while on our site, your IP address.

This information is analyzed in anonymous form. It is used only to improve the attractiveness, functionality and content of our site. In cases where data is passed to external service providers, we have taken the necessary technical and institutional measures to ensure that data protection arrangements are made.

Collection and use of personal information
Your personal information is only in the case of registration.

Your database and information are kept confidential by our website and provider. Your personal information is not shared with other people or people referred by us.

Right to information
You have the right to check and correct any information stored with us if it is not up-to-date or incorrect. Simply send the required change to the attached e-mail address or the authority responsible for data protection by e-mail. (Address and e-mail address are below.)

Data retention
We retain personal information for as long as we need to provide a service of your choice or as long as you allow it, and as long as the current legal regulations are not against it.

We do not currently use cookies on our corporate website. However, when we need to use cookies about a service we offer, we reserve the right to use cookies in certain parts of our website.

kamara.com.tr has taken technical and corporate security measures against the intentional, accidental sharing, loss or use of malicious people by your personal information that you have accessed. During the transmission and operation of personal information, the information will be transferred in encrypted form and will not be used by third parties. Our security measures are subject to continuous revision to deal with technical developments.

If you have any problems or have any questions or ideas, please contact the management representative at kamara.com.tr, who will be happy to assist you. Continuous improvement on the Internet requires that we update our data protection notice from time to time. We reserve the right to make appropriate changes at any time.

Our E-mail Address: info@kamara.com.tr