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You Have an Office, But Do You Have a Phone & Secretariat Deficiency?

Let's introduce you to our Virtual Office Solutions: What is Virtual Office? What are the Advantages?

Is it possible for us to forward our existing phone number to your system?

If you wish, you can move your existing number to the telecom company we work with, so that your calls are directly sent to us and we make them welcome. Normally, we assign numbers to each company, you can also forward to the new number we give. If you wish, you can buy your phone number when you do not want to get service from us.

Do I have an office that I can use every day in the virtual office?

You do not have an office of your own, but you can use the offices in all our locations by hourly or daily rental if you need. In this way, you only pay for the days you need and save.

Is there a problem with the tax audit for the virtual office?

Our companies working in our company virtually have not experienced any problems regarding tax auditing so far. Since there are buildings belonging to our institution, there are no problems in terms of taxation or polling. During the audit, it is sufficient for the company partners or a person with a proxy to be in the building. The audit, in other words, opening polling usually takes place within two working days after your accountant has applied to the tax office.

Is the concept of virtual office legal?

It is a legal and accepted system. There are also law offices we serve. Throughout the process, our facility managers support until the inspection is completed.

I have some questions, where can I reach you?

You can reach us from 0850 532 20 09 between 09.30 - 18.30 Monday or Saturday, or you can find answers to your questions by sending an e-mail to info@kamara.com.tr

Can I set up an Association, Joint Stock Company, Limited Liability Company or Individual Company?

You can set up your association as a virtual office. It is an application accepted by the chamber of associations. You can also establish your limited, joint-stock or private company as a virtual office in our buildings. If your financial advisor hesitates on these matters, you can ask them to call us..

What happens when an unannounced visitor arrives?

Even if you have your own private office, you don't always have to be in your office. If you have an unannounced guest, we will call you instantly and provide information. If you are permitted and welcome, we welcome your guests in the meeting room until you arrive. If you cannot come, we will indicate that you are out of the office. We offer our guests something to drink and then we passengers.

How long is the contract time? What is the early termination status?

There are no long-term contracts and financial obligations specifically for Kamara. You can continue your activities flexibly. You can notify 1 month in advance and terminate your contract at any time.

İstediğim lokasyonda çalışabilir, müşterilerimle görüşebilir miyim?

You can work in all buildings and host your customers. Just book your office or meeting room beforehand. Your office and meeting room are always ready.

I don't want my tax office to change. What should I do?

Whichever tax office our facilities are connected to, it will be your new tax office. Your tax number will not change. Even if you move to a different apartment in the same building, you must apply for a change of address. When the tax office changes, there are no extra difficulties in the procedure. You only need to have 1 more document approved by a notary. In summary; The only difference between changing your tax office and not changing it will be about 70 lira. If you wish, you can consult our financial advisor for free.

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As Kamara, we provide ready office and virtual office services to more than 1600 customers . Our neighbors can benefit from the services we provide in our domestic firms and own goods buildings at the branches they want. Moreover, they have the opportunity to neighbor 1600 members .

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A prestigious address for company organizations

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Immediate reception and notification of incoming mail and calls

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Withholding is not paid, the invoice we cut is deducted from VAT.

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Ability to use office and meeting rooms in 7 facilities when needed


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