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Meet the Kamara's Special Services for Mediatorships.

If you are looking for a Mediatorship Center or you are looking for a meeting room or office where you can carry out your mediatorship activities, Kamara is the right place!

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Reasons not to use the rooms of other lawyers:

Why Kamara Meeting Rooms?

- Quick reservation, meeting rooms in various locations with suitable numbers, meeting rooms in safe central locations where entry and exit are recorded.

Why Lawyers choose Kamara?

- Having hosted many law offices and law associations for 7 years, Kamara receives all notifications and informs lawyers instantly. Notifications are scanned and directed to lawyers. Lawyers meet with their clients in meeting rooms and offices.

Meeting Room Usage from Kamara as a Mediation Center

As a Kamara in 7 districts of Istanbul have amediation meeting, with sound insulation, printer and screen meeting room. When your meeting time comes, your clients are welcomed in the meeting room with your name and sign; they can use our tea and coffee facilities as self-service.

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A prestigious address for company organizations

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Immediate reception and notification of incoming mail and calls

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Withholding is not paid, the invoice we cut is deducted from VAT.


Ability to use office and meeting rooms in 7 facilities when needed


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