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Let your business be in Beyoglu with Beyoglu Virtual Office! With Beyoğlu Virtual Office, you can establish your business and show your business address in a prestigious area. In our facility in Beyoğlu, your cargo and telephones are met by our secretaries.

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Advantages of Beyoglu Virtual Office

Rent Kamara Virtual Office, Get Rid of Office Establishment Costs!

You can show your legal address

Professional secretariat

Receiving mail and cargo

You do not pay stoppage tax

Access to meeting rooms

Office equipment such as fax, photocopier

Answering machine outside office hours

IVR announcement, pre-announcement on your phones.

Beyoglu Virtual Office Photo Gallery

You can review comments from our happy customers on Google Maps.

sanal ofis ve hazır ofis
sanal ofis

What did they say about us on Google?

You can review comments from our happy customers on Google Maps.

Gamze Farossi
Gamze Farossi
21. Mart, 2022.
Profesyonel ve guler yuzlu ekibiyle kaliteli hizmet veren bir isletme. Ozellikle Nilay Hanim'a yardimlari icin cok tesekkur ederim. 🌸😊
İlhan Olkun
İlhan Olkun
19. Mart, 2022.
Daha önce taksim ofisindeydim şişliye taşındım taksimdeki yer de burasında gayet güzel ve nezih bir ortam personelleri ilgili Güler yüzlü ofisler her gün temizleniyor ufak bir kafesi var terası da mevcut kesinlikle iş için tavsiye ederim.
Adem Ayhan Yildiz
Adem Ayhan Yildiz
18. Mart, 2022.
Gayet güzel ve temiz ofisler... Dost ortamı da cabası:)
Irem Durmuşoğlu
Irem Durmuşoğlu
18. Mart, 2022.
Çalıştığım şirket ofisi Kamara'da. Gerçekten çok teknolojik, hızlı, temiz ve rahat bir çalışma ortamı sağlıyor. Ofis kısımları da toplantı odaları da muhteşemmm
Mustafa Yiğit
Mustafa Yiğit
18. Mart, 2022.
I've been using Kamara's "virtual office" services since 9 months and with each passing month they've been super helpful for our business needs, thanks Kamara 🙂
18. Mart, 2022.
Çok memnunum, Kamara ailesinin uğurlu geldiğine inanıyorum.Çalışanlar güler yüzlü , özellikle Nilay hanıma çok teşekkür ediyorum.
Hakki kubilay Oral
Hakki kubilay Oral
17. Mart, 2022.
Ofis olarak hizmet veren bu işletme gayet güzel imkanlar sağlamakta tercihiniz burası olsun
Ayhan Hazar
Ayhan Hazar
7. Şubat, 2022.
Daha yeniyiz ama memnunuz. Saygı & Selamlarımla..
sanal ofis ve hazır ofis

Have a Solid Address

With Beyoglu Virtual Office, be the tenant of the owner, not the tenant of the tenant. Kamara virtual office allows you to make sure that your address is secure. Since 2010, we have supported thousands of virtual office installations with our own buildings. We work with all tax offices, accelerate the installation of your virtual office and accompany you in the formation of your company.

Work from anywhere with Beyoglu Virtual Office

If you do not need a physical office for your business, Beyoğlu virtual office allows you to work without going to the office and helps you to show your company address in Beyoğlu, a prestigious neighbourhood.

With Beyoğlu Virtual Office, you can participate in networking events organised by Kamara and expand your business network.

Virtual Office plays an active role in growing your business with prestige, freedom, quality operational support, central location, easy access and low cost!


What is Virtual Office?

Virtual office is a service that our freelance customers prefer more, which includes features such as showing our office as an address, allowing you to work from anywhere. Our secretary opens your phone number with your company name and forwards it to you when you are done, sends your customer note by e-mail when you are not available.

With our virtual office service, you can work from anywhere without damaging the image of your company.

If you want to start a business without renting an office, renting a virtual office is for you! You can also benefit from meeting rooms within the scope of Kamara Virtual Office service when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beyoglu Virtual Office

You can find the questions you wonder about Beyoğlu Virtual Office. If you have different questions you are curious about, you can contact us.

Where is Kamara Beyoğlu Virtual Office?

Click here for directions Our branch is located in the most prestigious part of Istiklal Street, opposite the odakulen, in a historical neoclassical building built in partnership with Turkey and the Netherlands. For the exterior view of the building

What's nearby Kamara Beyoglu?

Kamara Beyoğlu building is located in the most beautiful part of Istiklal Street. It is very close to the Istanbul Bar Association, Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

Is there a car park in Kamara Beyoğlu Virtual Office?

Since our branch is directly opposite Odakule on Istiklal Street, it is at the closest point of the street to the Tepebaşı Car Park area.

How many meeting rooms are there in Kamara Beyoglu?

Our branch has a meeting room named Piri Reis, overlooking Istiklal Street, with a balcony, high ceilings and airy meeting room for 8 people.

Is Kamara Beyoglu close to Marmaray, metrobus and metro?

Our branch is on Istiklal Street, very close to Sishane metro.

What are the advantages of Kamara Beyoğlu Virtual Office?

Our building is in the most beautiful and prestigious place of the street, where all local and foreign guests will have a pleasant time.

Starting Prices

Ready Office, Virtual Office and Meeting Room in Budgets Suitable for Every Initiative and Every Company in Kamara. You can see our starting prices.

Virtual Office


250 ₺ / month

  • Personalised business phone & fax
  • Personal secretary
  • Cargo pick-up and immediate notification
  • Daily office or meeting room rental
  • Company IVR announcement and voicemail
  • Prestigious contact address

Serviced Office


1600 ₺ / month

  • Complimentary use of meeting rooms
  • Detached, fully furnished, specially decorated office
  • Wireless high speed internet
  • Daily and weekly cleaning
  • Complimentary Self Service Tea & Coffee
  • Fax and printer usage

Meeting Room


40 ₺ / hour

  • Special treats
  • Wireless high speed internet
  • Projector / Whiteboard / Flipchart
  • Daily and weekly cleaning
  • Complimentary Self Service Tea & Coffee
  • Hourly or daily rental



400 ₺ / month

  • Use of tables in quiet public areas
  • Reception to welcome customers and visitors
  • Wireless high speed internet
  • Daily and weekly cleaning
  • Complimentary Self Service Tea & Coffee
  • Fax and printer usage

Who Prefers Us

From International Companies to New Start-ups; Everyone is Here.