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Don’t be afraid to start a company – Mehmet Taşhanlıgil
Legal aspect of starting a company – Av. Deniz Merve Ersoy Pinar
The financial aspect of starting a company – Serpil Sincar
Payment methods for new companies – Gaye Or
Operational dimension of starting a company – Serdar Karataş

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Question-answer part of Serpil Hanım

First of all, thank you for your participation in the presentation and your questions. Taxation is a very broad and comprehensive issue. Taxation of revenues especially in digital media, which has increased in recent years, is an issue in which Finance is just getting ready. For this reason, I found it appropriate to share some of the questions that I had to keep short during the presentation or avoid giving a clear answer in a little more detail below. To your interest and participation; I would like to thank Kamara, who has been instrumental in organizing the event. Hope to be useful, S.M.M.M. SERPİL SİNCAR

QUESTION: What factors should be taken into account in determining the “capital” during the establishment of the company?

ANSWER: First of all; At least 10.000.-TL of the Limited Company; Let us remember that the Joint Stock Company was established with a capital of at least 50.000.-TL. During the establishment of a limited company, it is no longer necessary to deposit capital in the bank for blocking purposes. In joint stock companies, it is obligatory to deposit at least ¼ of the capital during the establishment. In the light of this information; When determining the capital amount, I recommend that you consider the fixed expenses that your company foresaw until you make a profit. Because the importance of capital in your financial statement is important especially in the third persons. For example; if a company is constantly borrowing money from the partner to cover its expenses (when you remember that the company has a separate personality from the partners, the company will have to finance payments on behalf of the company while making the mandatory payments. you need to know and determine a capital accordingly.

QUESTION: Can you show your business address as Home Office?

ANSWER: Yes, it can be shown. We have shared the details of this issue on the web page of Kamara before. If you wish, you can get support from the relevant page: https://kamara.com.tr/blog/is-yeri-resmiadresi-olarak-evi-gostermek/

QUESTION: Can I show my own home address for the company that I will establish as a capital company? In this case, is there a need for a lease contract, if any, how much should the lease amount be?

ANSWER: Since the capital company is a separate person from the real person, a separate lease contract must be made for the capital company to be established. The minimum amount to be specified in the lease contract to be issued is referred to as the “equivalent value” in the law. The process that can be performed to determine the equivalent value; to learn the ‘property tax value’ of your flat from your municipality. At least 5% of this value should constitute the annual rental value. Example: If someone gave a workplace with a real estate tax value of 100.000.-TL to his / her partner company free of charge (free of charge); Although he does not earn rental income, he / she will have to calculate annual equivalent rental value (100.000 x 5%) = 5.000 TL for that workplace. Of course, withholding should be calculated and paid over this amount. However, there are some details regarding the payment / non-payment of the withholding here; We can also inform you if you wish.

QUESTION: Income obtained abroad and taxed at its source; Taxation in Turkey will be like? What are the situations that need attention?

ANSWER: It is appropriate to check the related revenues within the framework of the ‘double taxation agreement’ and to look at the terms of the agreement in the country where the income is obtained. In addition, the type of income generated is also important for evaluation.

QUESTION: Is it obligatory to open tax liability in foreign product sales if the related sales are within the ‘tradesmen exemption’ limit?

ANSWER: In sales abroad; In case the product sold is one of the product types written in the law, it is possible to evaluate it within the scope of exemption.

QUESTION: Is there any trades exemption in sales made on the person’s own website?

ANSWER: Yes, those who carry out the works covered by the tradesmen exemption via their website may also be included in this scope. The problem related to the ETBIS System can be resolved by applying to the ‘Chamber of Tradesmen and craftsmen’ with the ‘Tax Exempt Trades’ document to be obtained from the tax office of the relevant person.

QUESTION: Can providing consultancy service over the internet be considered within the scope of the tradesmen exemption?

ANSWER: As there is no “consultancy service” among the works counted within the scope of the tradesmen exemption; the relevant service cannot be evaluated within the scope of the trades exemption. Some of the works within the scope of the tradesmen exemption are defined in the law as follows: “Except for sewing, embroidery, food processor, iron and similar machines and tools used in the houses, provided that they do not use a driving force and do not employ workers from outside; towels, covers, sheets, socks, carpets, rugs, woven products, crumbled leather products, knitting, lace, all kinds of embroidery works and touristic goods, mat, basket, broom, mop, brush, artificial flower, stamp to make products such as straws, bead processing, crochet knitting, threads and tether, tarhana, noodles, ravioli without opening a business… ”

QUESTION: Is it necessary and obligatory for a person working at the tax-exempt trades limit to make a withholding (withholding) according to the last regulation over the payments made by the narrow taxpayer institutions (Google, Facebook, etc.)?

ANSWER: Persons with the status of Tax Exempt trades; It is not obliged to make withholding deduction. However, controversy continues within the framework of the “Double Tax Prevention Agreement”; Requesting a letter will be appropriate for the healthy progress of the transactions.