Our Dear Financial Advisor,

As you click on this link, you are obviously an innovative Financial Advisor whose perceptions are clear and follow the opportunities.

As Kamara, our company provides services on Serviced offices and Virtual offices. We would like to tell you in more detail about our virtual office service, which is a very good option for minimizing the office rental costs of your taxpayers who set up new companies.

The main pros:

They only show their official addresses in the buildings we own, for only 200 Liras per month. They do not need to take place in places such as an inn, passages.
We do not miss any notification. Our excellent secretary team informs you and the taxpayer at every stage.
There is no obligation to make an annual contract.
Tax officers know our system well. He acts cooperatively in the establishment of the company. They like Kamara.

Dozens of firms are set up in Kamara facilities every month. We also direct themselves to financial advisors who partner with us as financial advisors. Both parties win with the win-win relationship.

We are willing to pay you for any forwarding you make to us.

For questions, for the direct line of our specialist on this subject: 0850 532 6347 or partner@kamara.com.tr