May your taxpayer save money,
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Thanks to Kamara's business partnership program, get 400TL commission per successful referral.

Hazır Ofis | Sanal Ofis | Kamara
Hazır Ofis | Sanal Ofis | Kamara
Hazır Ofis | Sanal Ofis | Kamara
Kamara | Hazır Ofis | Şişli

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Taxpayers Win From Kamara Using Virtual Office

As Kamara, we provide ready office and virtual office services to more than 1600 customers . Our neighbors can benefit from the services we provide in our domestic firms and own goods buildings at the branches they want. Moreover, they have the opportunity to neighbor 1600 members .
Thanks to our virtual offices, your taxpayers will benefit from these services at the most affordable price:

Hazır Ofis | Sanal Ofis | Kamara1

A prestigious address for company organizations

13534542_1796772657235304_92466379_n (1)2

Immediate reception and notification of incoming mail and calls

Bostancı Hazır Ofis | Hazır Ofis & Sanal Ofis3

Withholding is not paid, the invoice we cut is deducted from VAT.

Kamara | Hazır Ofis | Sanal Ofis | Paylaşımlı Ofisler | Levent3

Ability to use office and meeting rooms in 7 facilities when needed


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