Mehmet Kocabaşa

Hello there,
I am very happy to be at the head of a team that grows every day on this journey I took with my wife. I couldn’t find a hobby for myself because I worked hard all my life. However, when I look at my working life, happy moments as well as stressful moments are unforgettable for me. You can contact me without any hesitation in any problem.

Ayşe Kocabaşa

Hello there,
I am Ayşe Kocabaşa, I am the first member of Neta family and I have been serving for 20 years.
We started with two people, now we have become a huge family with you. At the same time, I am continuing as a grandmother in Neta, where I started as a mother.
I love spending time with my work and family, following new developments and being with productive people.

Sadık Kocabaşa

Hello my name is Sadık
I am one of the Kamara partners. I am responsible for the number of branches and the efficient operation of state offices. I like to use the motor on the slope in the mountain. I usually spend time with my family outside the office. I am interested in the digital money business at this time. I am open to any unusual innovative ideas.

Cem Kocabaşa

Hello, I am Cem Kocabaşa, I am looking at business development in Kamara, operation and finance in SCK. I follow the technology closely. I love dancing and running outside of work.

Nazlı Kocabaşa

I’m Nazlı, like Selim, I am also a heartfelt friend of the Neta Family 🙂 I serve as a psychologist in Kamara Altıntepe and Şişli. In my spare time, I love spending time with my family, friends, participating in vocational training programs, and traveling even if I have the opportunity. Feel free to knock on my door when you need it.

Selim Kocabaşa

Hello I’m Selim Kocabaşa
I am a moral consultant to chamber administrators. Sometimes I take a long time but it is without a doubt that I am happy. I am making funny hours for Kamara Altıntepe team 2 times a week. I like drinking milk with banana, I follow children’s channels on youtube.

Gamze Erdem

Hello everyone, I’m Gamze,
I’m the oldest of the team after the Kocabasa family =)
I have been in the NETA for 14 years and the SCK Representation team for 1 year.
In my spare time, I just like to spend time with my 1.5 year old son, Yaman.

Serdar Karataş

Hello, I am Serdar Karataş, I am in charge of the facilities in Kamara. I try to use the internet effectively, I am curious about the new applications that will make our work easier. I do pleasant daily walks with my dog outside of work.

Dilek Kasap

Hello I am Dilek, I am responsible for Kamara Bostancı – Altıntepe Facility. We left our 3 years with Kamara family.
I love to cook with my wife outside of work and talk to my son about the books we read and read.

Burçin Eminoglu

Hello, I’m Burçin Eminoglu. I am doing the accounting of Neta and SCK in the head office. It is my greatest happiness to have a good time with the people I love. I like to cook with different recipes and solve sudoku puzzles.