With the cooperation of Paraşüt and Kamara, you can now have a ready and virtual office in the city center at affordable prices!

We stand by all business owners that grow and increase their needs. With the cooperation of Paraşüt and Kamara, you can now have a ready and virtual office in the city center at affordable prices.
A gift for 1 month in the 6-month membership package and 2 months in the 12-month membership package for Kamara special for Paraşüt users! Moreover, you can join the advantageous world of Kamara neighbors without paying special installation fees.

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Virtual Office Services:

The most expensive office for new ventures is the office it does not use. While establishing your company, you can show Kamara buildings as company addresses. The cabin takes your incoming mail, cargo, notifications on your behalf and gives instant information. If you wish, scan it and send it as an e-mail. When a guest arrives or you want to work comfortably, you can benefit from the office and meeting halls at the facility with 50% discount prices. In this way, you keep your fixed expenses to a minimum and pay in the size of your needs.

Serviced Office Services:

It is the ideal option to reduce your costs, to start quickly and not to fall under long term obligations. Especially for companies of 1-10 people, offices with ready-made technological infrastructure, professional secretaries and cleaning personnel are offered for your use. Your furniture is ready in these offices. All you have to do is take your computer and start working. A big advantage of Cabin Ready Offices is the possibility to expand your business network in our buildings. You meet your neighbors in the fields of collaboration and rest, and expand your business environment. You always have your lawyer, designer, financial advisor at hand.

Secretariat Services:

You can put a local phone number with your desired area code on your web page through Kamara Office. When this number is called, the specialist secretaries of Kamara open the phone with your company name and receive the information of the callers and transfer the call to you. If your secretaries cannot reach you, they will receive the caller’s information and note and notify you immediately by e-mail. In this way, you will not miss a phone or leave sad customers behind.

Secretariat Services included in all packages